September 22, 2005

TCA makes it official: Edens to close

A few weeks ago, TCA seemed to make up their minds and decided to just close the club, after failing to come to agreement with the private group that wanted to purchase the clue. Here is the text of the letter sent to club members:

September 6, 2005

RE: Closing Edens Athletic Club

Letter from TCA

Dear [Club Member], The health club industry has experience explosive growth in the number of new clubs over the last several years. This has created an over supply of clubs in many markets and the Edens market area is no exception. Our small size and racquetball/handball emphasis created an intimate atmosphere, which we all like.

Letter from TCA

However, Edens is not well positions to be competitive with Bally's, Xsport, Galter, Curves, Lifetime and other planned new clubs. Edens has not made a profit for over five years, and we have made the difficult decision to close the club. The last day the club will be open for operation will be September 20, 2005 until 5:00 p.m.

Letter from TCA

A group of members expressed some interest in purchasing the club, but was unable to put an offer together. A neighbor launched a "save Edens" campaign, which has had the unfortunate effect of accelerating the loss of members; the opposite of their intent.

To help you continue with your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we have arranged for a special offer with Bally Total Fitness. Please see the attached letter for me details.

Once again, I want to thank you for your support over the years. We wish you well.



Steven L. Schwartz


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