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SaveEdens.com was an advocacy-oriented community news source and commentary blog, active from July 2005 until it was retired in April 2006. It was launched upon the announcement that the Edens Athletic Club, a membership-based health club located on the northwest side of Chicago, was being closed by ownership to make way for a Wendy's fast food restaurant.

Both the club membership and the local neighborhood were concerned with this development, with many working to keep the club open, or at the very least, prevent the addition of a fast food establishment to a residential area. Thus, SaveEdens.com served the purpose of being a reputable destination to gather media coverage regarding these events, while also providing updates, commentary, and encouragement for community activism.

In the end, the club was closed, but the Wendy's deal fell apart, resulting in the property being sold to a third party for retail/office development.

For those interested in learning about this unique developer vs. community battle, this archive of SaveEdens.com has been created. You are encouraged to view the historical entries sorted via the Categories, Archives, and All Entries listings in the left column. The Search, E-mail Updates, and Contact Us features have been disabled.

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