July 01, 2005

Welcome to SaveEdens.com!

SaveEdens.comTucked away in this small corner of cyberspace, you'd landed upon SaveEdens.com. Perhaps you're here because of the banner located outside the health club or maybe an acquaintance told you about the website. In either case, thanks for visiting!

SaveEdens.com was created to coordinate information regarding the future of the Edens Athletic Club in Chicago, IL. My name is Steve Tanner, your host at this handy Internet destination. My wife Amy and I have been club members for the past few years. In my non-sweaty, professional life, I actually work with the Web, so when the call went out to help save the club against the evils of square hamburgers, well, I raised my hand.

I'll be your host here at SaveEdens.com, providing a conduit of information regarding various efforts to keep Edens open. As referenced in the Nadig Newspapers article (Press, 6/29: Athletic club reported sold for restaurant), club member Joe Gill has been a vocal advocate for keeping the club open. As such, I'll be in touch with Joe on a continual basis to provide information "straight from the Joe's mouth" here on the website. You are also welcome to contribute ideas, news, information, and comments via the "Contact Us" form on the left side of this page.

Thanks again for your interest and involvement!

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no to fatty burgers

yes to hard abs

Posted by: pex at July 19, 2005 11:49 AM